About CCPRESS.NET and Ben Woodworth

Humble beginnings. Big dreams start small. Ben as a teen grew up running a printing press outside his bedroom for his dad who was a published preacher who mailed his publications all over the United States and beyond. In honor of Christ and Country Church, CCPRESS was born. We started printing for other churches, ministries and young entrepreneurs during those early years. Now after 30 years, Ben and his wife Patti (El Presidente) have clients from small restaurants to Fortune 500 companies. We love working directly with our clients to this day. When not working Patti can be found in her garden and Ben riding motorcycles at high speed all over the United States.

One thought on “About CCPRESS.NET and Ben Woodworth

  1. My compliments – your promises to keep entry is exquisite . . . we publish an e-newsletter for HR professionals and I was wondering if we may have your permission to reprint your entry in its entirety (with attribution of course). Last year about this time, we printed a small suggestion in our newsletter for our audience to unplug and ditch the gadgets for a change, and focus on live conversation with their families and other real people. After the holidays we received a good number of thank you notes from folks who did unplug. How do we go about this? Thank you.

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