What to expect from Verizon Wireless when you have a Problem

Situation- You tell Verizon Wireless that you were billed over 525 dollars for data download that you didn’t order and didn’t want from Orange in France. Verizon Wireless tells you how sorry they are and they will back date your bill and fix your problem. They tell you this for weeks and then stick you with the bill anyway. They give you $10 off. There is no way to appeal, no way to change it. 


To a computer, yes, the roaming charges are accurate.

But I thought Verizon Wireless customer service was staffed by people serving customers.

I explained to the customer service person on July 20 what happened.

I traveled to France with my family on vacation. I called Verizon before I left to make sure that the 4 phones we were traveling with could make phone calls and messaging. I told them we did not need internet.

After taking pictures on my smart phone I wanted to download the pictures to my laptop. I was hooked up to a local hub for internet for both. I accidentally turned on hotspot tether on my phone which proceeded to send 26GB of email to my laptop before I could stop it. This happened in about 2 minutes. I heard my phone beeping and later realized that those were text messages telling me about download thresholds. The customer service person told me they could back date my bill and increase my plan for the month so i would not incure a 525 bill! I really don’t care about your explanation, I want somebody at Verizon Wireless to reduce my bill on this. $120 discount over the course of a year doesn’t approach the hassle and time this has cost me.

If this can’t be resolved in the next 5 days in a prompt manner I will take this to people that can change this. 

I will be contacting the Attorney General of Maryland and my congressman. This is not fair the way I am being treated as a customer.


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